Vitalife Teas: Our Range of Healthy Teas

Following the same principle that has made our matcha so popular - to offer a tea that exceeds the health benefits of almost all other warm beverages - we have worked hard to develop a complete range of teas designed specifically to deliver particular health benefits.

That's why we call them 'Teas with Purpose'.

New Vitalife Teas

Each one has been scientifically formulated to provide the right vitamins and nutrients to help you achieve your goals and overcome ailments. From delivering energy, through to boosting metabolism, all the way through to aiding restful sleep - our range of teas are a tasty way to a healthy lifestyle.

Adopting a carefully-crafted blend of fine tea, herbal ingredients, and natural supplements; our all-natural teas are the first of their kind to incorporate powerful natural supplements - delivering results you can actually feel working.

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