Health Benefits of Matcha: Metabolism-boosting and weight management

Matcha green tea has long been renowned for its capacity to boost one's metabolism and thus aid the weight-loss, or weight-management, process.

It is likely that the high level of polyphenols in matcha green tea (called catechins), coupled with its caffeine content, are the contributing factors to its metabolism-boosting properties.


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that, during one of their studies, participants consuming green tea experienced, on average, a metabolism boost of around 4%. Meaning these people were burning 4% more calories each day, not from exercise, but from simply drinking several cups of green tea throughout the day.

To put this into perspective, someone expending 2,000 calories in a day could attribute 80 of these calories purely to the consumption of green tea.

Although 80 calories is only about the equivalent of a small banana, when we consider that one would need to run for 1-mile just to burn this amount of calories off - simply drinking green tea seems so much easier!


It is ultimately the above increase in metabolism that contributes to the weight-loss, or weight-management, properties of matcha.

Matcha tea weight loss

As part of a healthy diet, matcha green tea can help to increase calorie expenditure - which, when done to the point where this surpasses your calorie intake, can lead to weight-loss.

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