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Note: This blog is no longer active, but feel free to read some of our previous posts below.

Donating to the Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund

In light of the recent catastrophe in Japan, and given Vitalife Matcha's close connection with this country, we are trying to help them out in every way we can.

Although our tea farms are nowhere near where the disaster struck, and thankfully we have not been affected. We still want to help the people who have been affected in every way we can.

That's why we are now donating 25% of our profits for the next 4 months to the Japanese earthquake relief fund via Global Giving.

We're only a small independent company, so this may not amount to much, but if everyone else contributes just a small amount we can help to get Japan back on its feet and repairing the damage that has been caused.

Global Giving have already helped to raise over £125,000 for the cause. Now let's help them raise even more.

Please help by donating to the Japanese earthquake relief fund on Global Giving's website.

You can also donate through our new earthquake relief page.

Our thoughts are currently with the friends and family of loved ones that have been lost in this catastrophe and we hope that our efforts will help to ease their suffering somewhat.

It's a sad time for Japan, and indeed the World, but let's help them to bounce back and show their resolve.

The power-plant situation

Amidst rising concerns over radiation exposure coming from the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, here's an update to this blog to put your mind at ease about our tea.

Our tea farms are situated in the Kyoto prefecture, 400 miles South West of the Fukushima Prefecture, and with brisk prevailing West-to-East winds across Japan's Northern coastline, we anticipate no problems arising with our tea crops.

On top of this, as an ethical and responsible tea company, all of our tea is tested extensively for radiation in order to protect the health of our customers.

So, in summary, there is no need to worry - we'll continue to supply you with an uninterrupted flow of safe, tested matcha tea for you to enjoy. So you can keep sipping!

Until next time, be healthy.