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Note: This blog is no longer active, but feel free to read some of our previous posts below.

Get Over these April Showers with a Cup of Matcha

Did you know matcha green tea contains a very strong concentration of L-Theanine (an amino acid derivative and natural mood enhancer)?

Standard green tea naturally contains L-Theanine,...

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Get Prepared for Summer and Learn How to Make the Perfect Matcha Frappe

Imagine the sun glaring down, sunglasses on, relaxing in the garden.

Now, what's missing from this scenario?

A super-cool source of tasty refreshment, that's what.


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Matcha Vanilla Latte Mix is Here

Finally! Our delicious matcha vanilla latte mix has been perfected - and we feel it's now ready to be released to our matcha lovers.

With a balanced blend of ceremonial matcha powder, ...

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